Garages and Workshops

Timber Garage, workshop and carriage bay specifications include:

Wall panels: These are made of pressure-treated bottom rails with secured expanding bolts at the base.

Roof: Our timber garages and workshops also come with pitched roof that is clad with sheeting made of Onduline. We construct workshops and garages with WBP plywood over purlins,

Doors: Doors of the workshops and garages that we create measure 2134mm x 1981mm made of metallic up and covers.

Cladding: We use rebated and interlocking shiplap boarding in cladding workshops and garages. 

Window: Windows to our workshops and garages measure 1200mm x 1050mm and they come with an opening casement.

Treatment: All timbers that are used in constructing Sparkford’s workshops and garages are treated by immersing them in quality preservative oil.

Rainwater goods: We use 100mm half round gutter made of plastic.

Basically, we ensure that all workshops and garages that we create for our clients meet specific needs that they have when coming for our services. This has enabled us to instill trust and confidence in our customers who have always relied on us for quality timber products and constructions.